Eyeforce is a wholesale video monitoring central station. Our network of independent security dealers are licensed and approved as an Authorized Eyeforce Dealers. We assist dealers in learning how to increase their recurring revenue opportunities through implementing our services as part of their business service offerings.

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Guard Patrols

is a virtual guard that makes a video tour of your location on a pre-determined schedule to provide visual security checks for suspicious behavior.

Alarm Intervention

is a virtual guard whose purpose is to intervene when an alarm trigger goes off. The alarm trigger alerts the guard that a person has breached a restricted area. The guard will then get on the intercom and make an announcement. Example, “You are in a restricted area, please leave immediately”. The intervention services can be customized on how to handle the security breach.

Alarm Verification

is a virtual guard that checks out each alarm signal that your existing alarm panel detects. If the alarm ends up being false, the guard makes note on your account and closes the report. If the guard sees the cause of the alarm is an intruder, then the police are dispatched to a “Burglary” in progress.