Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Attending To The Items That Need Protection

The United States makes up the largest construction market worldwide, and that leaves thousands of sites unattended each day. Aside from safety, the major concern for developers is theft. Construction materials and equipment have always been “hot items”, and with each new development, theft will remain a hot topic. The best way to mitigate loss is to know the trends of what is being stolen, and Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions has compiled a list of the five most stolen items from the construction site.

Lumber, the Easiest Material to Steal

Lumber is always in demand, and is the easiest material to steal. Not only is it difficult to notice, but lumber is virtually impossible to track, making it a go to item for thieves. Mix that in with the recent lumber shortage due to the coronavirus outbreak, causing the price of it to soar, and you can understand why lumber remains a common material for theft.

The Guarantee of Every Site Are Power Tools

Power tools can be very expensive, making them a priority for thieves and a headache for development managers to keep safe. Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon, as a report shows that power tool theft is expected to rise past 2025. As online market sites like Ebay, Offer Up, and Facebook marketplace continue to thrive, power tools can be posted and sold before a theft report is written.

Copper Has Them Going Crazy

Any construction manager can tell you how difficult it is to deal with copper theft. Copper is one of the most commonly stolen items from any site. The price of copper is $4 per pound today, making it very valuable and top of mind for thieves, but what compounds the issue is that copper theft can lead to major project delays. It is very common for a site to lose a week’s worth of copper installation in one night.

Don’t Forget About The Small Tools

Small construction tools are prone to be left all over the construction site, making them a prime target for theft. Small tools are also good items in the resell market, which makes them enticing to take even if the more valuable items are nearby. Small tools theft is incredibly inconvenient for managers and workers, and replacing them can lead to delays, and overall inefficiency.

Heavy Machinery Theft is No Joke

We know someone off the street isn’t typically going to be able to steal heavy machinery from a site. However, it does happen, and proves to be the most profitable of construction thefts. It is important that all operators make sure they do not leave keys inside or around the machinery after being used. Extra measures can be taken like removing key parts such as batteries and steering wheels before each end of day.      

The theft of construction items is always imminent and we at Eyeforce believe in the power of Remote Guarding. Deploying a remote guarding tower can save a business thousands of dollars in materials loss and security costs.

About Eyeforce 

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