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COVID-19:  Eyeforce Update

Eyeforce is committed to the care and safety of our employees and all our customers.  We have gone to great lengths and spent many weeks reworking our current and strong disaster plan for this COVID-19 National Emergency.  We have run continuously through many natural disasters and will make it through this as well.

Eyeforce will closely monitor the developments of the COVID-19 virus as it is our top priority to make sure that all our customers maintain the same high level of efficiency and effectiveness that has made us an industry leader in video monitoring security.   

Eyeforce is taking all appropriate actions to help mitigate the virus, and we are being very diligent in our efforts to maintain normal protocol throughout this process. The Eyeforce Team is 100% on board with all these efforts. We will continue stop crime and grow stronger through this adversity.

We greatly appreciate all our customers and wish all of you the best during this time of uncertainty. Please let us know if you have any question and stay safe.


Daniel Forrest


Eyeforce, Inc.