Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

How Can Real Estate Benefit from Remote Video Guarding?

Real estate represents one of the most popular investments because it is a tangible asset that is always in demand. However, commercial and residential real estate properties have significant risks, whether vacant or occupied. Property managers are tasked with monitoring the condition of the property, preventing trespassing, vandalism, break-ins, theft, and so much more. 

How can these challenges be addressed most effectively and affordably? Eyeforce Remote Video Guarding.

What is Remote Guarding for Real Estate? 

Eyeforce Remote Guarding is a revolutionary physical security solution that combines video surveillance, analytics, and highly-trained security professionals to provide a proactive rather than reactive video monitoring solution. 

Huge security technology advances and wider acceptance of IoT-enhanced security devices have helped increase the rapid adoption of this powerful video monitoring solution that reduces crime, expands capabilities, and saves money.  

How Does Remote Video Monitoring Work? 

Remote Video Monitoring turns each camera of a video surveillance system into a remote guard. It combines the on-site visual element of the cameras and sophisticated analytics with the decision-making capabilities of trained security interventionists. 

First, on-site video surveillance cameras detect motion. Sophisticated analytics rule out benign threats, like a dog passing by, and elevate those deemed more problematic, like someone entering a particular zone or activity after a certain hour.

The system immediately alerts the crime interventionist, which assesses and continuously monitors the situation. The specialist provides a loud, real-time direct warning to the individual that they are being monitored and to exit the property before they have the opportunity to commit a crime. The security professional follows a customizable escalating protocol which may include alerting law enforcement.

  • State-of-the-art video surveillance technologies backed by artificial intelligence provide simultaneous, 24/7 surveillance. 
  • Analytics detects activity before a crime occurs and alerts a live, professional crime intervention specialist.
  • The crime Intervention specialist reviews the footage and monitors current activity, verifying any active threats. 
  • In the case of a real threat, the crime specialist provides an immediate voice down and warns the intruder over a loudspeaker. In most cases, audio intervention is enough to resolve the incident.
  • Where appropriate, the specialist contacts law enforcement and presents the evidence. 

How Can It Be Used In Real Estate and Property Management? 

  • Secure and protect vacant properties
  • Guard dangerous areas such as pools to prevent after-hours use
  • Prevent illegal entry
  • Provide area-wide surveillance
  • Identify hazards
  • And more

About Eyeforce 

Eyeforce is a leading provider of remote guarding services. We offer customized solutions that include networked cameras, analytics, 24/7 monitoring, and professional crime intervention specialists that provide real-time audio intervention. Eyeforce remote monitoring exponentially increases security while decreasing security costs. Eyeforce can help you gain total control and situational awareness through proactive, not reactive, security solutions backed by video analytics. Our remote video monitoring services excel where traditional alarm monitoring companies fail.

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