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How Remote Guarding Can Provide a Failsafe for Your Uniformed Guards

Uniformed guards can be an effective visual and psychological deterrent for many criminals. This is precisely the reason why some companies hire their own in-house guards, while others choose contractors. Of course, this all comes down to each individual case and can be an exception and not the rule. Before we get in the weeds, let’s first examine the good and the bad of having your own in-house security detail:

The Good

  • Less expensive than contracted guards.
  • Your HR team can conduct its own interviews, background checks, training and onboarding procedures.


  • Termination can become an expensive matter.
  • Your business may be exposed to additional liabilities should in-house guards become litigious.
  • Will be eligible for PTO, overtime and other benefits not offered to contracted guards.

After considering these variables, most businesses believe it’s economically more viable to go the contracted guard route. Your end-users should insist on extensive background checks and employment verification as many guard services conduct the bare minimum mandated by law. Once those initial steps are completed, guards should go through extensive training in CPR, threat analysis, recognition of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as sexual harassment and prevention. They should also be ready to document and intervene if there are threats of violence. Ironically, many guard services do not allow their guards to intervene in violent situations due to liability exposure. As such, it’s important to make sure your contract with the guard services agency specifically includes an article that states their guards and their organization will take all reasonable physical action to protect your personnel from threats of violence. It is also recommended that you have your own in-house or contracted attorney specializing in labor laws review the contract.

Why You Need to Monitor Your Security Guards

Many assume uniformed guards to have clean criminal records, are drug-free and sober, honest and attentive to their job duties and responsibilities. However, there have been many private investigations through undercover operations that tell a different story. Although most uniformed guards are good, responsible men and women, the same cannot be said for some. And as a business, you cannot afford to be exposed to that small percentage. Even guards with a clean history and good employment references can be swayed to the other side as many uniformed guards are approached by seasoned criminals looking for that insider to aid in their theft schemes.

What Remote Guarding Can Do

There are several advantages that a remote guard solution has over physical security guards. Fatigue during late shifts, restroom breaks, distractions from personal mobile devices, and worse, injuries due to physical encounters with perpetrators. Accidents such as slips, trips, and falls are some of the vulnerabilities that your business can be exposed to when physical guards are involved. Remote guard and proactive video monitoring does not require sleep, rest, or bathroom breaks. This means less liabilities to the end-user. 

If your end-users are only employing physical guards to secure their facility and assets, we need to talk. We’ll give you comprehensive guidance on communicating the importance of remote guard and proactive video monitoring services to your customers. On a case-by-case basis, Remote Guarding can be a lower cost solution and a much better fit than Physical Security on-site.  Remote Guarding combines the latest video surveillance technologies and sophisticated analytics paired with crime intervention specialists providing real-time audio response while following a customizable escalation protocol that can include contacting law enforcement. It’s real and active presence is immediately evident to anyone acting suspiciously or performing unwanted actions. Remote guarding turns every video surveillance camera into a remote guard and can cover the entire facility simultaneously, even in remote or dark locations. Since it covers every area at once, criminals can never take advantage of a physical guard’s schedule that can leave areas of the property unprotected. Further, Remote Guarding provides doorman and gate services to grant access after credentialing to either personnel or even tractor trailers.  

This is the perfect time for you to begin outreach to your customers and businesses to explain the best way to deter crime alongside physical security guard presence, is with Remote Video Guarding. In most cases, Remote Guarding performs very similar to services of traditional physical security officers and provides a powerful, flexible, and cost-saving solution as opposed to high price security labor. 


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