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Implementing Remote Guarding at Auto Dealerships

You know it. We know it. And thieves know it. There is perhaps no business with inventory as vulnerable as auto dealerships, RV dealerships, and equipment sales. Highly desirable cars and sought-after parts such as catalytic converters sit out on the lot all night Even worse, the capabilities of those who steal, commit fraud and vandalize these businesses have grown more sophisticated than ever. 

Because of this, dealerships are turning to Remote Guarding.

With significant advances in technology, capabilities, and affordability, remote guarding is the next generation of physical security. Whether used alone or in conjunction with on-premise guards, dealerships now implement remote guarding to solve many of their security challenges.   

What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding is an advanced, proactive physical security solution that combines video surveillance cameras, live video monitoring, and live audio warnings to provide a customized security solution. Remote video guarding is typically used for video intervention, video verification, virtual access control, and 24/7  surveillance.  

Typical Remote Guarding Services 

Remote Guarding services typically include: 

  • Remote Perimeter Protection
  • Remote Entry/Exit Management/ Access Control
  • Remote Patrol
  • Remote Escort
  • Remote Guard Intervention
  • Lone Worker Assistance
  • Workplace Compliance AuditsLone Worker 
  • Remote Alarm Verification

What Are the Advantages of Remote Guarding?  

While manned guarding will always have a place in physical security, remote guarding does offer many advantages for the correct application. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Can cover the entire property at once
  • Increases security intelligence
  • Eliminates human frailty factors such as fatigue and intimidation 
  • Trained specialists interact with intruders in real-time to stop crime
  • Reduces false alarms
  • Swift Law Enforcement dispatch
  • Assists law enforcement
  • The system is always active
  • Cost-effective

How to Implement and Leverage Remote Guarding

Remote guarding uses analytics, live crime intervention specialists, and 2-way communication to turn every surveillance camera into an active guard. Organizations can use the solution in conjunction with on-premise guards to increase coverage area or use instead of on-premise guards. We recommend working with a knowledgeable and trusted remote guarding provider. Individual site needs may determine which is best to meet security objectives. 

About Eyeforce 

Eyeforce is a leading provider of remote guarding services. We offer customized solutions that include networked cameras, analytics, 24/7 monitoring, and professional crime intervention specialists that provide real-time audio intervention. Eyeforce remote monitoring exponentially increases security while decreasing security costs. Eyeforce can help you gain total control and situational awareness through proactive, not reactive, security solutions backed by video analytics. Our remote video monitoring services excel where traditional alarm monitoring companies fail.

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