Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Keeping Your Auto Dealership Secure When Vehicle Theft Spikes Nationally

When most businesses shut their doors and lock up their inventory for the day, auto dealerships aren’t quite able to do the same. With most of their inventory located outside always-on display to the public, most dealerships typically only lock up the keys with lockboxes that thieves can easily purchase generic keys to online.  And when thieves aren’t after the vehicles themselves, the valuable components such as GPS devices, transmissions, catalytic converters, and wheels are still a loss for the dealership. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a skilled thief can strip a car of its significant components in approximately 30 minutes, then turn around and sell the parts for two to four times the vehicle’s value.

And with the COVID-19 pandemic causing economic instability and keeping people from engaging in typical vehicle shopping, law enforcement agencies around the U.S. are reporting increased instances of vehicle theft and burglaries. According to law enforcement, it’s a relatively low-risk crime with a potentially high reward. At the end of the day, whether it’s the vehicles or their components, stolen or damaged vehicle inventory can hurt the dealership’s bottom line, even with insurance. Here is why an investment in 24/7/365 Live Remote Guarding  for your dealership is the way to go:

Stop Criminals In Their Tracks

Live Remote Guarding with video surveillance goes beyond having cameras installed around your property. The combination of video cameras, smart analytics, and highly-trained monitoring specialists have eyes all over your dealership 24/7/365. Should a thief or other unwelcome individual trespasses on the property, our state-of-the-art monitoring center would be instantly notified. A high-trained remote operator then can verify and intervene with a live audio call-down telling the individual that they have trespassed and must leave. In our years of experience monitoring auto dealerships, this usually deters criminals in their tracks. In the rare instance they decide to take their time in vacating, a Live Remote Guard can continue to monitor the activity while deploying authorities directly to the dealership. 

Simply Better Than Guards

The convenience of having trained, remote professionals monitoring your dealership cannot be understated. We’re talking about taking the responsibility of resolving security threats off your shoulders, all at a lower cost than guards. Live Remote guard takes the heavy burden of resolving security threats off your shoulders because it detects, deters, and deploys authorities if necessary so that you don’t have to. Security guard costs can add up, especially considering how ineffective they are in preventing dealership crime. It’s not that we blame them – they have an exponentially tricky job considering that many car theft instances in the U.S. are by pros working in groups. What’s more, dealerships generally tend to spread over a great deal of space spanning multiple parking lots, meaning it can be easy for thieves and vandals to slip past guards. 

Trained Eyes Across Multiple Locations

If you’re a dealer of popular or high-end auto brands, you likely oversee multiple dealerships that span an entire strip of commercial space. And like most dealerships, you already have a video surveillance system installed. This is excellent news for you because The Live Remote Guard can be seamlessly implemented with your dealership’s existing surveillance cameras, meaning minimal to no hardware installation. With this in mind, you can consider every single camera a Live Remote Guard, spanning multiple locations at all dealerships you oversee simultaneously. Security guards cannot be in many places at once, but a Live Remote Guard can be. 

Live Remote Guarding Your Auto Dealership

Eyeforce is proud to be a 100% U.S. based nationwide security monitoring company that offers Event-Based Remote Guarding services that detect, intervene and deter crime at a fraction of the cost of guards at your auto dealership. No matter where you’re located or how many locations you have, you’re guaranteed minimal to no additional hardware installation and a low cost of deployment with no required minimum number of cameras to install. You’ll only ever pay for only what you need.

Visit: eyeforce.com/contact-us or call 888-393-3672 today to speak with an expert about how Live Remote Guarding can help secure your auto dealership.

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