Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Stay Informed and On Top of Your Game: Sustaining RMR Growth Amid Socio-Political Unrest and Economic Uncertainty

Brands from around the world have been steadily ramping up their reliance on video surveillance. The reason for this has everything to do with operational insights gleaned from data sets. Software-optimized video surveillance able to collect key data has helped leaders adapt to new business environments. With the increased value in data analytics, intelligence collected to develop new security strategies has emerged. Current trending news regarding impending social and political unrest coupled with economic uncertainties dictate major brands and organizations will look to fortify their security and surveillance postures in the near term.

How will this impact our sector, but more importantly, your business? As one of the leaders in connected security through our Remote Guard Solutions and proactive video monitoring services, it’s our job to keep you and your customers stay abreast of the evolving technologies, demands, and rapidly changing requirements so you can strengthen customer loyalty while making sure you’re offering swift solutions to new challenges rather than being reactive. 

As 2023 approaches, understanding the trends highlighted below will keep you sharp and sustain the growth of your business.  

Emergence of A.I. and Data Insights

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) applications to video surveillance are ramping up with astounding speed. It’s important for integrators and dealers to be aware and prepared to pivot accordingly as the expectation around this is evolving just as rapidly. More major brands and organizations have begun integrating solutions that support intelligent operations across their security and surveillance infrastructure. Many have begun leveraging AI-supported solutions and strategies to staff employees, manage traffic flow, identify security threats in high-risk, high-traffic areas, and detect fraudulent activities. 

Staying Proactive, Not Reactive

Most of us know security systems are typically reactive. Many market leaders invest in services and technologies that help investigate a crime after a breach has been made. But that’s changed over the years and will continue to change. Proactive solutions are failsafe measures that intelligently assess a situation and provide the information needed to stop crime before it escalates to a potentially costly and sometimes deadly situation. This is why most leading monitoring centers have implemented proactive video monitoring solutions. Prevention and deterrence rather than reactive action is the goal and will continue to be so as technologies become more advanced. Proactive video monitoring (PVM) draws immediate attention to unauthorized or illegal activities, allowing the video monitoring centers to intervene and alert local authorities before a crime has a chance to occur. If you’re still lagging behind in the application of PVM to your service offerings, you need to get on this immediately.

Key Focus on RMR  

Generating consistent revenue is top-of-mind for all dealers and integrators. Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) streams are continuing to evolve and morph into bespoke iterations for specific usage cases. For years, the market has evolved to a more SaaS (software-as-a-service) driven offering which has prompted integrators and dealers to favor adopting a video-based RMR business model. Why? Because this provides the opportunity to simplify customer service while maintaining consistent revenue. Not only that, this also enables integrators to foster stronger relationships with customers and a more nuanced and deeper understanding of their specific needs. 

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