Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Top 3 Benefits of Digital Video Surveillance for Your Business

Upgrading to High Definition Video Surveillance


If you’re still operating an analog or digital video surveillance system that isn’t high definition (HD), it might be time for you to upgrade. Whether your needs are filled by digital or analog video surveillance, having an HD video monitoring system can bring the quality of your surveillance up to par with industry standards so that you can maximize the use of your video surveillance feeds to optimize the security of your business.

Does it Matter If My System is Analog or Digital?


While many of our customers operate digital systems, we recognize that many businesses may not have the infrastructure and require an analog video surveillance system – we’ll never try to push a solution on you that you don’t actually need. Aside from being an extremely cost-effective solution, analog video surveillance infrastructures are able to accommodate HD analog upgrades. This means that you can get HD quality video, and produce individual rtsp streams for smart analytic detection. Overall site coverage is the biggest downfall of analog as the cameras have a narrower field of view and you lose the flexibility of using a wireless network to extend coverage areas.


Digital CCTV systems, on the other hand, allow for wider fields of view with higher megapixel technology, and wireless networking to extend coverage and map everything back to a single headend. Digital systems also have higher quality video and audio capabilities.


Generally, digital surveillance systems are able to capture and store more footage, which is especially helpful when events of loss, vandalism, and theft occur and operators need to review footage to better understand the event. This is especially the case with remote monitoring whereas you’d have trained specialists remotely monitor your surveillance feeds so that you don’t have to. Eyeforce’s remote monitoring services include features such as call-down, listening, and collecting smart video analytics so that you don’t miss a thing. But as we’ve said before, if your business needs are only that of which an analog system can fulfill, why spend the extra money on a system you don’t need?

Why HD Is Your Best Bet


When it comes to security, the need for high resolution, color fidelity, and frame rate is essential to ensure that the quality of the video feed can be used both for monitoring, preventative surveillance, as well as for purposes of collecting feeds for evidence in the event that a crime does occur.


Many of today’s HD systems successfully enable businesses to leverage the footage received from their cameras to help them see everything that’s happening on the premises with crystal clear accuracy. In the event of any kind of criminal activity, having high-quality video footage aids operators and authorities in determining what’s actually occurred during the event and can also provide irrefutable evidence if any legal issues arise. You simply can’t argue with crystal clear evidence. 


Whether you’re operating analog or digital, upgrading to an HD video surveillance system will allow you to get the most out of video surveillance.


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