Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Remote Guarding for Construction sites

Using Jobsite Video Surveillance and Monitoring to Protect From Liabilities

Remote Guarding for Construction sites

The United States is the largest construction market worldwide, and with increased production comes an increased understanding of the practice of risk management and liabilities.  Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions understands the construction sector’s need to limit loss and liability, improve profitability, and address the demand with new opportunities in video surveillance monitoring. 

Injury, the Top Risk in the Construction Sector

Every construction project involves significant risks. One of the most common of those risks is the risk of injury. Construction accident risks are related to premises liability in which a dangerous condition is created by construction work through a negligent act or failure to prevent hazardous conditions that cause injury. The risk of injury, and liability, extend beyond the construction site employees and even includes trespassers. This means that even if someone is not permitted to be on the site enters illegally and becomes injured, that person can bring a suit against the construction company. 

As unfortunate and common as injuries are in the industry, they are far from the only construction site threats and risk exposures. 

The Problem of Theft and Vandalism 

Security is another major risk for many construction sites, with theft and vandalism commonplace and the exposed nature of many sites making them notoriously difficult to protect. 

Industry experts estimate construction industry annual losses due to theft and vandalism at roughly $400 million in the United States. Many of these stolen items fall under insurance deductibles, so the contractor bears the brunt of the loss and the increased insurance rates. 

To compound the problem, construction theft and vandalism often lead to dangerous job site conditions, which increases the risk of injury!

Technological Innovation That Significantly Diminishes Risks

Fortunately, you can proactively minimize this risk using Live Remote Guarding. Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions uses video surveillance cameras, analytics, and live security specialists to monitor a site 2/47. Rather than just record events, this solution is proactive and prevents crime before it happens. When certain action trigger an alert, a crime specialist immediately assesses the situation and can provide audio intervention while additionally initiating law enforcement when necessary. 

Remote video monitoring technology can help reduce risks by: 

  • Ensure compliance with OSHA and other safety regulations
  • Protect the perimeter from trespassing
  • Detect and deter suspicious activity with live voice-down intervention
  • Deter crimes like theft and vandalism with voice commands, strobe lights, and law enforcement initiation 
  • Provide video proof of activity

Reducing risks is a significant concern for any construction site. Remote Video Monitoring provides a highly effective way to do precisely that. 

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