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Why Should Your Auto Dealership Use Live Remote Guard Patrol?

Unfortunately, car dealerships are highly targeted by thieves and vandals. Most dealerships have been victims and faced losses at some point in their history, whether it is the theft of cars, catalytic converters, wheels, or other components. Some have faced losses so staggering that it makes the news. 

Auto dealership owners and managers battle crimes from opportunistic events such as smaller theft, loitering, and vandalism to organized, systematic, criminal operations. Because of this, these sites need 24/7 complete security oversite. 

Historically, auto dealerships have employed standing guards and video surveillance to protect the facilities and prevent intrusion. But there are definitely limitations to on-site guards and cameras that do not proactively deter crime. 

A Better Way to Guard Your Lots

Remote Video Guarding provides a proactive security presence that covers the entire site at once. The services utilize strategically placed cameras, advanced analytics, and live security professionals who monitor your events, intervene before crime happens, and initiate law enforcement intervention. 

How Eyeforce Remote Patrol Works

  • Highly trained security professionals remotely connect to live video to perform an in-depth patrol of your facility based on schedule and activity detected by analytics. 
  • When guards identify unwanted activity, they employ a set of customizable, escalating responses, including observation and call law enforcement; or observation, audio intervention, and initiate law enforcement response. 
  • Clients get complete event reports. 

Top Advantage of Video-Based Patrol

Video patrols can augment site security through increased surveillance of your dealership’s critical areas. Patrols can be tailored to specific needs through inspection and recording key details, making announcements as necessary, and escalating to the proper authority.

  • Reduced risks and liabilities than that of standing guards
  • Enhanced visibility using cameras with low and no-light capabilities
  • Better visibility over the entire site
  • Decreased security costs

About Eyeforce 

Eyeforce is a leading provider of remote guarding services. We offer customized solutions that include networked cameras, analytics, 24/7 monitoring, and professional crime intervention specialists that provide real-time audio intervention. Eyeforce remote monitoring exponentially increases security while decreasing security costs. Eyeforce can help you gain total control and situational awareness through proactive, not reactive, security solutions backed by video analytics. Our remote video monitoring services excel where traditional alarm monitoring companies fail.

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