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Your Site is just a Criminal’s Playground

We get alerts all the time that originate from construction sites, and it usually goes something like this: 

It’s 10:45 p.m. and our monitoring center receives an alert originating from an apartment complex construction site. An Eyeforce security operator witnesses an individual walking onto the site, verifying the event. The operator then activates the live voice down warning. If the suspect ignores the audio warnings our cameras will continue to follow. Simultaneously, our operator contacts the local law enforcement to report the activity and provide them with relevant information about the intruder. Within minutes, officers arrive and locate the intruder within a unit under construction. The suspect is placed in handcuffs and is taken into custody.

With thousands of crimes stopped by our remote guard and intervention services, we see and contain these kinds of events all the time. When you stop and consider the levels of loss without live remote monitoring and intervention, it’s up there. 

What’s the Cost for Not Having Security?

The title says it all: an unmonitored construction site is a criminal’s playground. Have you ever stopped to think about the kinds of assets sitting and waiting at construction sites? Think of all the equipment, tools, and raw materials such as copper or lumber sitting around waiting to catch someone’s attention. The cost of not having a construction site security system could be devastating. Don’t believe us? Between $300 million and $1 billion is stolen annually on construction sites in the United States.

Security Guards Simply Aren’t Enough

Unfortunately, annual construction site losses include those who opt for security guards to patrol their sites. While the patrolling security guards may deter some types of criminals, one has to consider that the security guard must first encounter the intruder. This is exponentially challenging when patrolling a large site or facility where the chances for such encounters are slim.

Live remote guarding can help safeguard any construction site from uninvited individuals. With Eyeforce, our rigorously-trained operators are always on the watch for incidents so that they can deter crime within minutes. With the ability to view multiple critical areas of a site simultaneously, our operators can activate an on-site speaker warning and deploy authorities that will prevent significant losses.

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