Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

How To Integrate Remote Guarding With Other Security Measures In Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships face numerous security challenges and will look to many different solutions to protect the property from theft, trespassing and vandalism. Dealerships often employ various security measures, such as on-site security personnel, access control systems, and alarms. Integrating remote guarding with these existing security measures can enhance dealership security and provide more comprehensive protection for high-value assets. Here are some ways to integrate remote video guarding with other security measures in auto dealerships:

Remote Guarding On Top of Access Control

Access control systems restrict access to certain areas of the dealership, such as showrooms and storage areas. With such important areas in the dealership, an added layer of protection to go with an access control system will provide the dealership with peace of mind. Our remote guarding solution is scalable and can be integrated with any pre-existing access control solution at the dealership. When someone tries to enter a restricted area, the system can trigger an alert to remote security personnel who can then monitor the area and respond to potential threats. This integration can also help reduce the risk of internal theft, as remote security personnel can monitor employee movements and detect suspicious activity.

Bring More Defense To Your Alarms

Alarms are an essential security measure in auto dealerships. When triggered, alarms can alert on-site security personnel or law enforcement of potential threats. Still, it would be nice for the dealer to deter crime before law enforcement arrives. Integrating remote video guarding with alarms can provide an immediate response to potential threats. When an alarm is triggered, remote security personnel can quickly access the video feed from the affected area and determine the nature of the threat. This integration can also help reduce the incidence of false alarms, as remote security personnel can quickly verify whether there is an actual security threat or if it is a false alarm.

Have On-Site Security’s Back

On-site security personnel are an effective security measure in auto dealerships. However, they may not be present 24/7, particularly during non-business hours. Integrating remote  guarding with on-site security personnel can provide round-the-clock security monitoring. Remote security personnel can monitor the dealership when on-site personnel are not present, providing an added layer of security. Additionally, on-site security personnel can coordinate with remote security personnel to respond to potential threats more effectively.

Getting The Most Out Of Video Surveillance

Video analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze video footage and detect potential security threats. Integrating remote guarding with video analytics can provide a more comprehensive security solution. Video analytics can identify suspicious behavior and alert remote security personnel, who can then monitor the situation and take appropriate action. This integration can also help reduce the risk of false alarms, as video analytics can distinguish between genuine security threats and non-threatening behavior.

Remote Guarding Defined

Remote guarding combines the latest video surveillance technologies, sophisticated analytics, and crime intervention specialists providing real-time audio response while following a customizable escalation protocol that can include contacting law enforcement. Its real and active presence is immediately evident to anyone acting suspiciously or performing unwanted actions. With remote guarding, every video surveillance camera becomes a live remote guard. The solution can cover the entire facility simultaneously, even in remote or dark locations.

How Remote Guarding Works 

  1. State-of-the-art video surveillance technologies backed by artificial intelligence provide simultaneous, 24/7 surveillance. 
  2. Analytics detects activity before a crime occurs and alerts a live, professional crime intervention specialist.
  3. The crime Intervention specialist reviews the footage and monitors current activity, verifying any active threats. 
  4. In the case of a real threat, the crime specialist provides an immediate voice down and warns the intruder over a loudspeaker. In most cases, audio intervention is enough to resolve the incident.
  5. Where appropriate, the specialist contacts law enforcement and presents the evidence. 

The most effective way to substantially grow your business while helping customers deter crime is with Remote Video Guarding. Remote Guarding provides a powerful, flexible, and cost-saving solution. To learn more, Contact Eyeforce today. 

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About Eyeforce 

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