Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Live Remote Video Guarding is More Effective Than Security Guards in the Cannabis Industry

Most states require cannabis businesses to incorporate video surveillance as part of their security plan. While many of these businesses opt for security guards in tandem with video cameras, it’s even more effective to combine these into one solution, which is available through Live Remote Guarding. Here are the ways that Live Remote Guarding is more effective than security guards when securing a cannabis business.

Faster and Accurate Response

Here’s the thing about security guards: In the event security guards do catch criminal activity in progress, the guards need to investigate further or even engage. This causes an increased time between verifying the security threat and deploying local law enforcement and emergency services to the site. What’s more, security guards can become a liability if they’re injured while engaging in the threat. A Live Remote Guard service offers highly-trained professionals who will monitor a business 24/7. Should a security threat occur, they would be instantly notified and would be able to verify and monitor the activity while deploying authorities to the scene. With a live remote guard, business owners can get the minutes back that makes the difference between the culprit getting away and being caught.

Security Maximization

Remote guarding comes with a multitude of features and advantages that will maximize security for your cannabis business. For one, the presence of cameras alone is useful in deterring undesired activity. However, if the culprit isn’t deterred, the Live Remote Guard can elicit a two-way audio warning.

Since many crimes occur at night when visibility is lower, security guards may not be able to see. Surveillance cameras are equipped with low light and night vision capabilities that enhance the visibility of activity taking place.

While it’s true that, like security guards, cameras can only see what’s in their field of view, security cameras can be strategically placed throughout the property for simultaneous viewing. Who says you can’t be in multiple places at once?

Better at Preventing Internal Theft

The greatest threat to a cannabis business is its employees. Why? Think about it: They already understand how the industry and its security protocols work. Even the employees who have undergone background checks could be a risk. Establishing transparency surrounding security measures is a proactive step towards deterring internal crimes. Their knowing what the business does for security helps discourage criminal actions. While having security guards on site might seem like a smart route to take, it isn’t unheard of for employees to approach security guards to collaborate on a plan to cut the profits. Having an objective, trained outsider monitoring your employees and operations is a no-brainer when it comes to preventing internal theft.

More Cost-Efficient

Every dollar counts in the cannabis industry, especially with so many strict regulations that vary from state to state. Hiring security guards can rack up business expenses, whereas a Live Remote Guard service can offer a more effective service at a much lower cost to business owners.

Live Remote Guarding Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis businesses must work with the right security provider to maximize security, reduce internal theft, and save on costs.

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