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Physical Guard Companies, Eyeforce Can Help You Grow Your Business

I think we can all agree, “boots on the ground” guards provide an essential aspect of a comprehensive security strategy. Physical guards offer a unique set of advantages needed to protect business (and personal) assets. 

However, these are times of rapid transition for the US. Security needs, demands, and budgets, and how organizations allocate the security budget are all changing. 

And to stay competitive, those of us in the security industry must change, too. 

Organizations today must meet increasing security needs with decreasing budgets and need a way to meet those needs in the most economical way possible. Now more than ever, it is critical that physical guarding and remote guarding companies join forces to provide a full suite of complementary security offerings to meet customers’ needs or face losing them. 

Customers Benefit From Wider Options

Since on-site physical security and remote guarding offer similar but differently beneficial services, customers can combine those services for a more comprehensive solution. 

Stay at the Forefront as a Security Provider

By partnering with a remote guarding service provider such as Eyeforce, the physical guard company can expand its service offerings in a way that makes sense in today’s security landscape. 

  • Capture more of the market
  • Boost your profits
  • Provide more flexibility of services 
  • Retain customers longer with lasting solutions
  • Accommodate changing security budgets
  • Exponentially expand your business without having to worry about workforce shortages

Virtual Remote Guarding

  • Optimize existing cameras on-premises
  • State-of-the-art video and two-way audio technology
  • View live or recorded video
  • Audio intervention
  • On-site guards can receive real-time alerts

Partner with Eyeforce 

For over 20 years, Eyeforce has been at the forefront of helping protect organizations from the critical and emerging and evolving threats faced today with proactive, analytics-based video security solutions. We are pleased to partner with physical guard companies to help provide one robust and united offering. 

We’re not here to replace you. We’re here to strengthen you! 

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