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Remote Guard Solutions vs. Traditional Guard Service

limits of what we as humans are capable of. The fundamental objective in your security should be to immediately identify when and where an intrusion attempt is occurring at the earliest possible moment. The key is to be proactive and not reactive so you can stop the attempt and apprehend the perpetrator(s) before the breach. 

In recent years, the convergence of IoT software platforms and surveillance hardware has created a powerful combination that will virtually guarantee your assets and facility will be safeguarded from human error. Remote Guard services integrates both software and hardware and can offer you not only an optimized security measure but also a cost-effective alternative to traditional guard services. 

Cost Effectiveness of Remote Guard Services

There are a host of time-consuming factors that go into finding the right type of security services if you’re considering live guards. Just like the steps and processes you take as a business owner in vetting and hiring the right employees, the same– if not a stricter standard– must be applied when hiring security guards. It’s easy to consider security guards as the go-to solution as it has been a tradition for as long as protective services were needed throughout the history of human civilization. Past case studies have repeatedly shown and proven this is actually not as effective, efficient or as cost effective as remote guard and live video monitoring services. 

Remote Guard services work 24/7 to actively scan and survey your business for just a fraction of what a traditional security guard would cost. When compared to traditional guard services using one physical guard, you can expect to save up to 70% with Remote Guard services.

Optimized Surveillance and Responsiveness

Remote Guard services working in tandem with live monitoring have several key advantages to a traditional security guard in terms of effectiveness. Falling victim to fatigue during late shifts, frequent restroom breaks, distractions from mobile devices, and worse, injuries due to physical encounters with perpetrators, are some of the vulnerabilities that you expose your business to with live guards. A Remote Guard, however, does not require sleep, rest, bathroom breaks. This means zero liabilities.

Simply put, Remote Guard services can provide you with peace of mind through true ubiquity. This 24/7 omnipresence is another key advantage as live guards can only be one place at a time. With Remote Guard services, your people and assets are monitored everywhere within your facility premises. You can be assured that 100% of your business is being guarded 100% of the time. Live guard services cannot and will not guarantee provision of the same assurance.

On the record and in the cloud

Remote Guard services can conduct another key service a live guard cannot. It can provide time and date stamped digital video footage saved in cloud servers whereas a live guard can only rely on memory. Remote Guard services removes all doubt by providing indisputable video evidence should they be required during active investigations or potential lawsuits. Not only that, there is also the very real possibility of the live guard sustaining injuries or even killed in the line of duty trying to thwart a crime. This is not the case with Remote Guard services. The latest innovations in surveillance cameras mean, they are vandal proof and come equipped with a PA system that can send and receive audio feeds. This enables the user to not only record audio, but also speak directly to the perpetrators so an attempt to prevent the crime from occurring can be made.

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