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With the Latest Innovations in Surveillance, Should You be Hiring Security Guards?

There are pros and cons to consider when it comes to executive decisions. When it comes to establishing security, the practice of hiring and retaining guards have been around since the formation of modern civilization’s socio-economic structures. We’ve all come to accept it without much thought as one of the primary methods of securing property, land, and all of the physical/critical assets housed within. Take a moment to really think about the pros and cons of security guards protecting your business. Depending on the kind of liability and risk you’re willing to take on, you may find that the cost-to-benefits ratio of hiring and retaining security guards paint a discouraging picture. So let’s dive deeper into the good and the bad of hiring security guards and the lower cost-to-benefits ratio of implementing a more technology driven posture.


The Good

All about the optics

The presence of a security guard offers an immediate visual indication that there is someone in the way of potential threats. This human deterrent can quickly discourage perpetrators from going through with their plans and is the primary reason businesses opt to hire security guards as their first line of defense. In the event of a breach or break-in, a security guard can respond swiftly to resolve the incident. Further, when dealing with panhandlers, homeless individuals or unruly teenagers loitering about in your premises, a security guard’s approach can be humane while still controlling the situation with stern resolve. For businesses that involve the external transportation of valuable assets and/or money located in high risk areas and during post-business hours, security guards can assist/escort clients safely to their destination. From a public relations perspective, retail businesses can also benefit from the presence of security guards as it provides a sense of safety to their customers.


The Bad

Retainers and paychecks

Costly retainers and paychecks from hiring and retaining security guards can be a drain on your operational budget. You also expose your business to liabilities and cost overruns from taking on additional insurance coverage for any potential mishaps involving your security detail. With the advancements security technology has made over the years, the latest innovations in live video surveillance systems can mirror the advantages of security guards and deliver an unparalleled level of protection at a fraction of the cost. These systems eliminate potential human errors such as fatigue, inattentiveness, and sleeping while on duty. Surveillance cameras placed in highly visible, public spaces can present the same visual deterrent that a security guard provides without the hefty salary requirements that comes with hiring specialized personnel. Additionally, a live remote guard monitoring system will almost always be integrated with speakers that can deliver a booming and intimidating audible deterrent. This alerts potential threats of the presence of a surveillance system monitoring their every move.


Human error

Upon thorough due diligence, you’ll find that the statistics reveal an alarming number of instances of security guards passively monitoring premises while prone to fatigue due to boredom and inactivity. The role of a security guard is, to be blunt, inherently passive because their job is to simply wait for a crime to occur. Such inactivity can trigger drowsiness that will result in them falling asleep. One of the most infamous instances of this was at a U.S. based nuclear plant in 2007 when a security guard was found asleep on the job. It is unfathomable to most that a security personnel at a critical infrastructure such as a nuclear plant would doze off putting many lives at risk.


Reference video (YouTube)


This is why live remote monitoring is ideal as it offers a proactive measure to a common problem. Live remote guard systems are equipped with surveillance technology used by the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security that proactively looks for irregularities and visual clues to alert monitoring stations. This constant and consistent stream of proactive alerts keeps station professionals prepared to take immediate action. Simply put, they’re not waiting for something to happen; they’re continuously analyzing and reacting. Live remote guard systems are supplemented with video analytics that can yield detailed reports providing you with valuable insights. Another important benefit of live remote guard solutions is video evidence. Without time-stamped and recorded video footage to corroborate accounts from your security guards and employees against the perpetrator, it can be incredibly difficult to uncover the details of the incident. With a comprehensive live monitoring system, you will have all of the evidence needed to protect your business from any liabilities.


Liability and insurance costs

Although workers compensation related liability and insurance requirements differ from state to state, generally, there will be laws that require you to carry additional coverage for possible incidents involving vendors and subcontractors. This means the hiring and retaining of security guards will expose you to greater liabilities. Due to the high-risk nature of a security guard’s job, the likelihood of incidents that involve personal injuries both to the perpetrator and the security guard will be higher. While security guards are given the jurisdiction to use reasonable force in the event of a physical altercation, this can be open to interpretation. Such use of force by a civilian security guard can result in assault charges filed by the opposing party. Not only that, should there be injuries sustained by either side, you will potentially be exposing yourself to litigious action from the injured. Such possible scenarios will be brought up by insurance agents which they will surely follow up with a sales pitch for an additional coverage package promising to mitigate all risks and liabilities.


The Conclusion

Whether you want to hire security guards, establish a live remote monitoring system, or both, is ultimately dependent upon your business needs and the layout of your facility/office. Just understand that there are more cost-effective options available that can optimize your security posture while minimizing risks. At Eyeforce, we have been deploying innovative, field-tested and proven proactive monitoring systems and intervention surveillance services for over 20 years, coast-to-coast. Reach out to us today and learn how the Eyeforce Remote Guard Service can not only future-proof your security but also save you up to 70% in security costs.