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Vacant Commercial Properties Pose Major Security Threats

In a time where many commercial properties are vacant to the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and remote work models, security should never fall to the wayside. The results could mean unwanted intruders and property damage due to vandalism and neglect. Here are just some of the things that can happen.

1. You’ll Have Unwanted Visitors

A vacant property is like a giant welcome sign for the homeless, criminals, or young adults looking for a place to gather. Homelessness is a severe problem in our country. If a homeless person discovers your empty building, they may use it as a shelter. While it certainly depends on the type of building, some buildings have valuable materials like copper wiring and pipes that criminals will go after to resell. Others might be more interested in roof-mounted HVAC units. Teens or young adults may use it as a place to gather or sell and use drugs. 

2. Building Maintenance Issues

When a property is neglected and not maintained, it can lead to many problems such as burst pipes, flooding, fires, or mold. Such issues can become a considerable matter of liability if unwanted visitors are injured on the property, even though they are trespassing! And let’s not forget other unwanted visitors. Think raccoons, rats, cockroaches, or other wild animals who want to make your vacant building their new home.

What Can Be Done?

While you may be inclined to hire a security guard to deter criminals, one has to consider that the security guard must first encounter the intruder. This is exponentially challenging when patrolling a large site or facility where the chances for such encounters are slim.

Perhaps you’ve considered occupying the vacant property by leasing it out. You’re going to find that you won’t be getting very many bites with many companies working remotely and the market’s uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Either way, it’s critical to secure your commercial property from preventable damage and criminal activity. 

Consider Remote Video Surveillance

Live Remote Guarding with video surveillance goes beyond having cameras installed around your property. The combination of video cameras, smart analytics, and highly-trained monitoring specialists have eyes all over the property 24/7. Should a security threat occur, they would be instantly notified and would be able to verify and monitor the activity while deploying authorities to the scene. With a Live Remote Guard, commercial property owners can get the minutes back, making the difference between the intruder getting away and being caught.

Not only is your security increased, but you reduce the liability involved in hiring a security guard because the Live Remote Guard is nowhere near the property or incident while it takes place. The operator can issue a two-way audio call down, meaning they can warn and deter criminal activity before it occurs, without needing to be on the property.  

What about all of that maintenance-related damage that can happen when a building is neglected? That can be monitored too. If a pipe bursts or a fire is started, trained operators can immediately notify and deploy authorities in seconds.

Live Remote Guarding Your Vacant Commercial Property

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