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What is Best for Your Facility, Security Guards or Remote Guarding?

Security is a top priority for any diligent owner or property manager, no matter the location, type of facility, or the industry it serves. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there to address your needs. Here, we will look at two serving the same purpose, security guards and remote guarding. 

Security Guards

Hiring a security guard is one of the most common ways property owners protect their people and assets, partly because it has been around the longest. When securing your site, it is important to know that security guard services come in a range of prices, skill levels, education, and capabilities. On average, the cost is between $20-$100 per hour. Security guards provide a physical presence on-site, which serves as a deterrent, but cannot be everywhere at once. Some of the less discussed challenges of hiring security guards include their susceptibility to fatigue and distraction and liability issues should they hurt a suspected intruder or become injured by an intruder. 

Remote Guarding

Remote guarding combines the latest video surveillance technologies, sophisticated analytics, and crime intervention specialists providing real-time audio response while following a customizable escalation protocol that can include contacting law enforcement. As the “new kid on the block” remote guarding has had a lot to prove but has done so in spades. While it does not provide a visible on-site presence, its very real and active presence is immediately evident to anyone acting suspiciously or performing unwanted actions. Remote guarding turns every video surveillance camera into a remote guard and can cover the entire facility simultaneously, even in remote or dark locations. Since it covers every area at once, criminals can never take advantage of a physical guard’s schedule that can leave parts of the property unprotected. Remote guarding can provide significant saving over the security expenditure. 

How Do You Know Which is Best for You?

The decisions you make surrounding security are serious ones. If you are considering your guarding options, here are some top considerations that can help you find the best solution for your unique situation. 

Risks- What are the area’s crime rate and considerations? Is the area urban or rural? 

Security Goals- Do you need the entire property monitored at once? Do you need perimeter security intervention? 

Level of  Service Expectation- Facilities that need more than just a physical presence will need to consider higher-level guards, multiple guards, and 24 /7 service.

Employee Considerations– Consider the costs of hiring a new employee. Standing guards should be properly vetted for skill, psychiatric stability, and previous crimes at a minimum. Investigate the legal liabilities surrounding injuring another, becoming injured, or failing to provide adequate intervention that results in another person’s harm. 

Cost– The security budget will play a huge role in your choices in meeting security goals. Ultimately, facility managers need to find solutions that increase security while decreasing operating costs.  

About Eyeforce 

Eyeforce is a leading provider of remote guarding services. We offer customized solutions that include networked cameras, analytics, 24/7 monitoring, and professional crime intervention specialists that provide real-time audio intervention. Eyeforce remote monitoring exponentially increases security while decreasing security costs. Eyeforce can help you gain total control and situational awareness through proactive, not reactive, security solutions backed by video analytics.  Our remote video monitoring services excel where traditional alarm monitoring companies fail.

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