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A Really Dumb Auto Dealership Crime

Just when you think you’ve heard it all……. Someone comes along and provides another reason why remote guarding is so vital to car dealerships. 

On Sept 22, 2021 WESH channel 2 in Florida reported that a Florida man tried to trade in a vehicle from the same Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership he stole it from.

The man walked into the dealership wishing to trade the vehicle he drove up in for a new one. Since this is a regular practice at dealerships, no one suspected a thing—until they checked the VIN. When the sales staff logged the VIN, they quickly discovered that the car had been stolen right off the lot just a few days prior. That’s right, a “customer” attempted to trade a car stolen at that dealership for something better!

How did this happen? While the dealership had video cameras that captured the theft, it was discovered after the event and failed to deter the crime. 

This is exactly why auto dealerships need Eyeforce remote video guarding

Virtual Guarding provides complete ground-level video security and live audio intervention over an entire site using video surveillance technologies, sophisticated analytics, and software, live intervention specialists, and 2-way communication to detect and deter crime.

What are the Top Advantages of Eyeforce Remote Guarding Services?

  • It provides an immediate audio response to crime or undesirable activity as it is happening, rather than just recording events.
  • Our cameras and specialists are not subject to fatigue, distraction, or coercion
  • Remote guarding can cover all of your facilities and property at once.
  • Sophisticated analytics and night or ow light technologies can detect what the human eye cannot.
  • Remote guarding provides significant savings across your security expenditure.
  • Professional monitoring center services provide swift and ongoing communication with law enforcement. 

If that dealership had remote guarding, the suspicious activity would have been identified and a remote guard would have provided a live audio response to the intruder, indicating they are being watched, need to leave, and that the authorities have been dispatched. That alone is enough to send most criminals on the run! Should intruders dare to persist, it is not long before they are engaging with law enforcement. 

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