Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding, is an advanced physical security solution that combines the use of video surveillance cameras, live video monitoring, and live audio warnings to provide a customized security solution. Remote video guarding is typically used for video intervention, video verification, virtual access control, and 24/7 live surveillance.  

The Next Generation of Physical Security

Remote guarding allows businesses to increase security and efficiencies while decreasing costs through the use of video surveillance technologies and live trained security professionals. Cameras and analytics cover the property with 24/7 vigilance and immediately notify the remote guard of anything that triggers an alert to possible trouble. The guard can then verify if it is an actual alarm event and provide live call-down intervention to warn intruding individuals to exit the property. This helps deter criminal activities such as theft, loitering, and vandalism.

Remote Doorman and Gate Guard Functionality

A remote guard can also serve as a remote doorman or gate guard. As a remote doorman, a virtual guard checks guests into a lobby, records identity or credentials, and if they meet the customer’s requirements, the guard opens the door. 


Many businesses, such as financial institutions, jewelry stores, and others, are required by law, company policy, or by insurance to have two people present when opening or closing a store. A remote guard fulfills that requirement. 

Top Advantages of Having a Remote Guard

  • Reduce the cost of having many guards on the premises 24/7
  • Increased vigilance
  • Increased security
  • Cover more area of your property at once
  • Prevent crimes rather than just respond to them

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