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Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions is now a Becklar Company...Learn More

Why Video Surveillance Isn’t Enough to Protect your Dealership

Incident Report:

Two ATVs were stolen from an ATV dealership lot behind a Harley Davidson dealership one evening. The following day, the ATV dealership employees said they found a section of fence that was cut and pulled back on the north side of the lot. They also said two RZR Turbo S ATVs were stolen. The stolen vehicles are described as Steel Gray Polaris Razor Turbo S 72″ wheelbase. Law enforcement investigators said they found two different sets of shoe prints where the fence was cut open.

They also reported separate ATV tracks leading from the opened fence to another cut fence section leading to and continuing over a highway and crossing a street. Investigators followed the tracks to an open parking lot behind a dance studio, where they were presumably loaded onto a trailer and carried away. Investigators are looking through store camera footage for information on the vehicle used to pull the ATVs away from the lot.

Why Video Surveillance Isn’t Enough to Protect your Dealership

With most of your inventory located outside always-on display to the public, your dealership is always at risk for incidents of theft, just like the one you just read. This dealership had video surveillance – so why were the culprits able to successfully commit the crime and escape? 

Typical CCTV surveillance systems only record footage that is either accessible remotely through cloud-based technology or stored for later viewing, which means they can just show you who or what is tripping an alarm at your dealership. There isn’t too much one can do other than to see and record the security event happening and alerting the authorities – meaning significant time for criminal activity to take place while you watch and wait on law enforcement to arrive on the scene. 

Imagine Having Dealership Video Surveillance that can:

  • Prevent dealership crime in real-time
  • Increase criminal apprehension rates
  • Protect your property, business, and inventory
  • Be cost-effective
  • Keep you from having to lift a finger

Remote Guard Intervention serves as a comprehensive, monitored video solution that takes security a step further because the system collects audio and visual data, checks for irregularities to secure the dealership’s perimeter, and provides you with mobile/remote access to live and recorded audio and video. Trained security operators can then intervene through the use of live, two-way audio talk-down features that deter trespassing and theft. This comprehensive intervention solution will increase the likelihood of priority police response, minimize losses, and increase apprehension rates.

Sounds Too Good to be True? It’s Not. 

Remote guard intervention allows security operators to catch intruders in the act, verbally warn, alert law enforcement for priority response, and monitor the situation in real-time. In most cases, remote guard intervention can get the intruder to leave the property before law enforcement arrives. Remote guard intervention can add immeasurable value to your peace of mind and your dealership’s overall security.

  • It deters criminal activity and minimizes losses
  • It increases apprehension rates and the likelihood of priority police response
  • It offers trained operator support – meaning less headache for you!

If you’ve ever watched criminal activity occur through your video surveillance system, you know the anxiety that follows in knowing the crime was preventable. Having video intervention via Live Remote Guarding by trained operators eliminates this anxiety because any situation is immediately handled. If you ever require any kind of support, operators are always there to assist. 

Want to Learn More?

Modern video surveillance systems must be effectively and efficiently capable of stopping crime in its tracks. The integration of remote video intervention is one of the most powerful strategies you can implement for protecting your business from intrusion and crime.

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